For the vast majority of people, it would not be cost-effective to try to go completely off-grid with a solar system. Unless you’re living in a remote area where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or extremely expensive, you’re better off being connected to the conventional utility grid. That’s because you’ll need to access energy from the grid when the sun isn’t shining. But thanks to net metering, any excess energy your system produces on sunny days will earn you credits that can be applied anytime you’re using grid power.

However, if you want backup power for limited uses, the GAF Energy system can be connected to a solar storage battery. You’ll need to purchase the battery and any other required components separately and will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of your solar storage battery.

An alternative to off-grid solar systems

Designed to be an easy to install product for GAF-certified roofers, your new solar system will have a sleek, low profile and be integrated into your roof’s waterproofing barrier. From consultation to installation and electrical hookup, we and our contractors will be there to make sure your solar roof is done right.

Once installed, your solar investment will help you save money for decades to come. Watch your system create clean energy right from your smartphone solar energy monitoring app. Let’s make solar energy from every roof possible with your new solar roof installation today.