Expect a smooth installation when you purchase a GAF Energy solar roof. We’ll guide the entire process, from the delivery of your roofing materials to activating your new solar energy system.

It’s easy because your new solar roof was designed to be easy for roofers to install. The result is an all-in-one project that gives you an elegant solar installation and a waterproof roof. Put your rooftop real estate to good use by working with us today.

Your solar roof installation

The first step of your solar and new roof installation begins with receiving a pallet or two of materials at your home. These will be delivered within a few days of when your roof replacement project is set to begin. They will be left in a convenient spot for you and your roofer. Your GAF-certified roofers will also deliver a debris bin during this time to ensure proper removal of your old roof and anything accumulated during your new roof installation.

During your new roof installation, your roof will be removed and your shingles and solar will be installed at the same time providing you with a singular roof and solar system. Timberline Solar™ is our latest product offering is a solar shingle roofing system with a nailable energy shingle. DecoTech is “direct-to-deck” meaning your solar panels install similar to a skylight. Both products prevent any puncturing of your shingles or roof for a fully protected roof that also generates power.

After installation, an electrician partnered with your roofer will connect your system. From there all you need to do is wait for your solar net metering permits to be issued. Then, activate your system and you could start saving money on your electrical bill.