Yes! By replacing some of your daily energy use with clean renewable energy from your roof you are lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your dependency on gas and oil. Through net metering agreements, surplus energy produced by your solar system is delivered to the electrical grid, helping to offset others’ use of conventional grid power.

Going solar can help lead to cleaner air. Reducing our carbon footprint is a way to fight global warming and it helps reduce the need for extraction practices such as oil drilling and fracking. This leaves the environment cleaner while still providing power to your home. You can help contribute to a sustainable, healthier environment by working with GAF Energy to install a roof-integrated solar panel system with your new roof this year.

Make a difference with your new solar roof

Tax credits and the credits you’ll earn with net metering can help make solar more affordable while also helping to preserve the environment. Easy to install and maintain, our system was designed to make going solar easier when you get a new roof.

By working with us at GAF Energy, you can rest assured knowing your roof and solar system will be installed by the best in the business and backed by an industry-leading warranty. Designed by waterproofing and roofing professionals for easy installation by GAF-certified roofers, GAF Energy solar is an investment worth making. Once you’re up and running you can see how much energy you’re producing using our smartphone solar monitoring app.

With a GAF Energy solar system you could save money and help the environment for decades to come. Every small bit counts when working toward a more sustainable future for us all. Contact us today to talk about how you can save money and help the environment.