We’re proud to celebrate this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month. As we share the contributions and positive impacts of Hispanic Americans both past and present to America’s history, culture, and economy, it is important to recognize that the Hispanic population has been a cornerstone of the renewable energy sector, and is a major part of driving energy from every roof. 

We celebrate the key members of our team who are Hispanic or Latino, like Roque Ortiz, who was hired on our solar technical training team. As someone who immigrated from Mexico when he was young, Roque’s primary language is Spanish. “Many of the people I meet who are installing our systems are Spanish-speaking,” said Roque. “GAF Energy wanted a bilingual trainer, so that was a major driving point for me to take the position.”

Roque’s story highlights one of our major efforts with Timberline Solar: making it the top choice for roofers. “It’s a more friendly, engaging, comfortable experience to be learning from someone like me who knows their language,” Roque points out. “I even met a lot of installers who were from my home state in Mexico. It was cool to connect about that.” 

And he says internally, it’s a great group to work with: “It feels good to be part of a competent team who is the best at what they do. I like being part of a team that is friendly, patient, and doesn’t mind helping you learn along the way.”

The helpful, innovative culture at GAF Energy contributed to creating the first true solar roof, and we’re just getting started. At GAF Energy, we’re hiring rapidly to grow our team and continue our mission to turn every roof into a solar roof. Learn more about the GAF Energy company culture, and check out our open positions to find your fit.

Accessible solar roofing options also contribute to the equitable energy transition. Timberline Solar was created to be affordable and accessible compared to other solar roofing options on the market. Improving access to the benefits of solar energy is a sure victory for the environment, sustainability, and equality. Solar energy is for everyone.

Join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!