In partnership with our sister company GAF, GAF Energy works with roofing companies to add solar roofs to their product list.

Here are the five things any ambitious roofer should know about solar roofs and GAF Energy:

  1. There’s a strong business case for solar roofs: A solar roof can earn you additional profit on your roofing job. It’s another sales opportunity, within the existing roofing sale. 
  2. GAF solar roofs will fit into your schedule: As your team gets used to installing solar roofs, they may add 4 hours to your normal install time. But once you get the process down, it may be no more than an additional 2 hours of crew time. The GAF Energy solar roof features a simplified design for easy installation, including streamlined wiring and fastener hardware, and the whole thing flashes in just like a skylight.
  3. We will help you build up your solar sales skills: We’ll even help you close sales! If you need backup, your GAF Energy Territory Manager will be by your side, for the duration of our partnership.
  4. Solar roofs are here to stay: They may not seem like a ‘need’ for your business now, but the next generation of solar will not be on the roof — it will be the roof. Stake out a competitive advantage in your territory sooner rather than later.
  5. We’re looking for America’s best roofers: Not the biggest roofers. Not the fanciest roofers. We’re looking for roofers who take pride in the quality of their work, and who want to grow their business and get ahead of the innovation curve. 

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