The shift to solar roofs

We like to think we’ve created a new type of roof with Timberline Solar™, one that harnesses both advanced energy technology and well-established, tried-and-true roofing installation practices and materials.

Timberline Solar™ is a roof with solar – the roof part comes first, just like our roofing partners come first. We know you’re the ones putting the shingles on the roof – and we want to make solar simple. So we made it into a lightweight, nailable shingle.

GAF Energy was founded to build a scalable, mass-market solar roof that helps you meet your customers where they are now and in the future. Timberline Solar™ represents a big step toward realizing that promise.

A solar-powered opportunity

No one knows roofs better than you. As homeowners take greater interest in solar and its benefits, solar roofing becomes key to serving customers well and staying competitive.

GAF Energy helps roofers offer solar to homeowners by providing well-designed hardware components and a full suite of design, permitting, and electrical services. Our roof-integrated Timberline Solar™ is game-changing nailable solar. All GAF Energy solar roofing products provide excellent water-shedding qualities.

Roofers react to Timberline Solar™

“Aesthetically speaking, this is a true shingle. This is a solar shingle, and it’s a marriage of solar and roofing. It’s a sleek and simple install. It is truly one with the roof.”

Robert Glasner
Residential Roofing & Solar Sales Manager – Bachmans Roofing Inc.
GAF Master Elite® Roofer – Wernersville, Pennsylvania

Invested in your success

We know you’ve worked hard to develop and maintain a great reputation with your customers. Offering GAF Energy roofs means delivering the same great experience your customers expect, with power added.

We’ve invested in products, people and processes to make solar simple. Our Timberline Solar™ roof is straightforward to install, requiring pretty much just a nail gun. And, we have expert project coordinators to help handle certain things for you, from electrical permitting to inspections, so you can stay focused on roofing sales and installation.

Black and white image of man in dark shirt and jacket
“With GAF Energy, there’s now a solar roofing system that we’re confident in offering to our customers. GAF has been the leader in roofing for decades, so we trust GAF Energy’s approach to solar for our customers–it’s an incredible product.”

Matthew Housh
VP & Owner – Arry’s Roofing Services, Inc.
GAF Master Elite® Roofer – Tarpon Springs, Florida

Industry-leading warranty and services

With a GAF Energy solar roof, the warranty covers both the roof and solar; that’s one more way we’re making solar simple for you and your customers. But making solar simple means providing more than just a product, even if it is the world’s first nailable solar shingle.

With an easy customer qualification process and our suite of support services, we want solar to fit seamlessly into your existing sales and installation operations. You focus on what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest.

Our business support services include:

  • Design and Permitting Packages
  • Electrical Service
  • Financing Partners
  • Sales and Installation Training

Already working with us?

If you’re already certified to sell GAF Energy roofing products, sign in to the Partner Portal to get real-time updates on your current solar roof projects, to check out your GAF Energy leads dashboard, or to order more solar roofing materials.

Solar shingle installer standing at the back of work truck

See if solar is right for your business


  1. Not part of base purchase. Requires installation by GAF Certified Contractor, installation of a qualifying GAF Roofing System, and purchase of enhanced warranty. See for complete details.