DecoTech: Solar designed by roofing experts for roofers

In partnership with North America’s leading roofing manufacturer, GAF, our first generation product was a low-profile solar that installs like a skylight, ensuring a water-shedding, beautiful roof that generates clean energy. To keep it simple, our products offer one warranty for the roof and solar panels. And, GAF-certified roofers will do all the work on the roof.

The solar may pay for the roof

GAF Energy DecoTech solar can produce electricity at a lower cost than your utility company. The more you produce and use your own electricity, the less you purchase from the utility company. Over time, GAF Energy solar can even pay for itself AND your new roof, via monthly electric bill savings and government incentives.

Grey house with garage and integrated solar roof

We’ve got you covered

The GAF Energy system makes it easy for you to go solar.

Working with a GAF-certified roofer to go solar means your new roof and its integrated solar have the option to be covered under the same industry-leading warranty.

This warranty is backed by our partnership with GAF, a company that has been in business for more than 100 years.

How solar savings work

With a GAF Energy solar roof, you’ll not only get a roof that’s durable and has curb appeal, it’s also financially smart, since you can save on your energy bills over time.

Precision-built solar

We designed our solar to be direct-to-deck. Particularly as compared to rack-mounted solar, our roof-integrated solar has superior water-shedding qualities. And it’s installed by those who know roofs best, the world over: GAF-certified roofing contractors.

Sleek and low-profile, this is a roof the neighbors will envy.

Technical Roof Diagram for DecoTech GAF Energy
Close up of California integrated solar roof
“I thought the concept of flashing more like a skylight rather than panels on top, was simple and smart. It intuitively felt like a better system that will last longer, backed up by an amazing warranty.”

Sophie S.
GAF Energy Customer
Carmel Valley, California

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  1. Not part of base purchase. Requires installation by GAF Certified Contractor, installation of a qualifying GAF Roofing System, and purchase of enhanced warranty. See for complete details.
  2. Contractors enrolled in the GAF factory certified contractor programs are independent contractors and are not employees of GAF or GAF Energy.
  3. See above.
  4. Available for qualifying systems installed by GAF Master Elite® contractors only. See Golden Pledge Limited Warranty and DecoTech® Addendum for complete coverage and restrictions. For installations not eligible for the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty and DecoTech® Addendum, the DecoTech® Limited Warranty applies. Visit for copies of these limited warranties.
  5. Savings will vary and are not guaranteed. Incentives and eligibility requirements vary and availability is not guaranteed.
  6. Contractors enrolled in the GAF factory certified contractor programs are independent contractors and are not employees of GAF or GAF Energy.