GAF Energy customer Dan R. couldn’t think of a better time to go solar than when his whole roof had to be replaced. After Dan’s roof was severely damaged from a hail storm knocking over trees on his property, he knew it was time. Lucky for Dan, his neighbor is an executive at American Home Contractors, a long-standing solar and roofing provider in Virginia and Maryland. American Home Contractors has been focused on building trust and delivering quality home improvement since 1986. His neighbor was able to introduce him to the latest in roofing technology — and energy-producing roof. 

“I was very interested in renewable energy to help cut my electric bill as well as add some value to my home,” Dan said. “Sometime in the future, I would love to find a way to be completely off the grid.”

Dan’s home is situated in the woods at the end of the transmission line, so if there were ever a power outage emergency, he would benefit from having his own kind of backup generator or battery of stored energy. Dan chose solar roofing as a first step toward that goal. 

Partnering with American Home Contractors, Dan chose GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar™ roof. American Home Contractors expertly installed the world’s first nailable solar shingle for Dan, as part of the complete Timberline Solar™ roof system and GAF Energy handled the utility interconnection work. 

Throughout the process, Dan said he was pleased with GAF Energy’s efficiency and reliability. “GAF Energy handled everything really well, and I really appreciate all the check-ins since the installation,” he said. 

Dan shared how he was at first worried about getting solar since his property has a lot of leaves that fly around in the autumn and winter months. He didn’t want the leaves to get stuck behind the solar panels and cause water to sit there, which could lead to roof damage. 

When he heard about a solar option that was actually part of the roof, he knew Timberline Solar™ was right for him. “Because the solar is part of the roof, it’s less likely to get damaged; there are no panels sticking off the roof, allowing stuff to get caught behind them,” Dan said.

Dan explained how the shape and slope of his roof wasn’t really designed for solar, so he did not expect it to be easy. Because of the smaller form factor of Timberline Solar™, however, GAF Energy was able to find a way to work with Dan’s roof design and fit solar shingles in places large solar panels would not have worked. 

What was once just a hope is now a reality for Dan, and his solar roof is able to help him save on his electric bill, with the potential to increase the value of his home. Dan was pleased with his two-in-one home improvement project: “it’s nice knowing that my roof is generating electricity,” Dan said.

After working with GAF Energy and American Home Contractors to install Timberline Solar™ on his home, Dan is satisfied with his experience. “I just hope that in the near future, solar can be accessible for everyone,” he expressed. GAF Energy is working hard to make that hope come true, with our vision of energy from every roof. 
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