Yes. Your roof is potentially valuable real estate for installing a home solar system. Going solar with GAF Energy means you’ll likely use less energy from the grid, resulting in a lower electric bill.

With GAF Energy you get a new solar roof that will keep your home dry and safe while producing power that could save you money for decades to come. Our goal, to create energy from every new roof, inspired us to design an easy -to-install product that will ensure the process of getting a new solar roof goes smoothly.

If you need a new roof, why not add solar at the same time? Our direct-to-deck solar roofing system means that you get a low profile seamless waterproof product that will help pay for itself over time.

How you can save money with a solar roof installation

Your new solar system uses an inverter that converts the DC energy your solar panels make into AC energy for your home. If you’re using solar to power your home and not electricity from the grid, this lowers your electric bill.

And, since you’ll sometimes produce more energy than you need, such as during the summer, that excess energy is then delivered to the grid. Depending upon your local net metering policies, your local utility will credit you for any excess electricity that goes to the grid. This will also help reduce your monthly electric bill.

This all means that your new solar system could save you money, allowing it to pay for itself over time.

Being grid-connected provides you with the security of a consistent power source while potentially lowering your expenses. Installed by the top roofing company and backed by an industry-leading warranty for your roof, panels and electronics, this is an investment that makes sense. Become more energy independent by installing a GAF Energy solar roof.