No. In order to keep you and your local power technicians safe, your solar system will also automatically shut down during a power outage. After the outage is over, your system will turn back on. If you want to have a backup power source during a power outage, your GAF Energy system is compatible with many battery options on the market. You can purchase a solar battery from a licensed energy storage contractor of your choice and have it installed.

Net metering allows you to have the benefit of renewable energy from your roof along with the security of the grid. Maintaining battery systems can be an added chore and prevent some people from going solar. With GAF Energy’s system, your maintenance only includes hosing off dusty panels or sweeping off snow. With nothing else to worry about you can watch your power generation from the comfort of your smart phone app all year long.

Power outages with solar power systems

Your grid-tied solar system will automatically shut off for safety during a power outage. This ensures that anyone working on your local power lines is protected from any harm. Once the outage is over, your system will be ready to operate.

Although GAF Energy does not sell solar storage batteries, your system is compatible with many battery options on the market.

Our goal is to make going solar with your new roof an easy and accessible choice because we believe energy from every roof is possible. An elegant, waterproof roof that could pay for itself over time is an investment worth making. With an industry-leading warranty and installed by the best in the business, a solar roof couldn’t be more attractive. Contact us today to see if a new roof with solar is right for you.