As with all things, a roof eventually needs to be replaced to maintain its integrity. As your home’s barrier against the elements, your roof takes on a lot of damage over its lifetime. Typically, roofs are replaced around the 20-year mark, with some needing to be replaced sooner and others lasting longer. This depends on many factors, such as the roof composition and what kind of climate you live in.

Contact a GAF-certified roofer if you’d like to schedule a roof inspection to see if your roof needs to be replaced. If you do need a roof replacement, that’s the best time to consider going solar with GAF Energy. Our seamless, waterproof solar system could even help pay for itself over time.

When to replace your roof

To inspect your roof yourself, take a look in your attic on a sunny day. If you notice light getting through anywhere or if you see sagging, cracks or evidence of water damage, such as dark spots, you might need a roof replacement. A damaged roof could lead to moisture getting inside your home, which can cause an array of expensive problems if not dealt with promptly.

By working with a GAF-certified roofer, you are choosing the best in the business, backed by an industry-leading warranty. Your new solar system was designed by waterproofing and roofing professionals to bring you a top-of-the-line product that lasts. Get in touch today to find out if a solar roof is right for your home.