The GAF Energy solar system is a direct-to-deck installation. The benefit of our roof-integrated solar system is its seamless, waterproof installation. With most residential solar systems on the market using rack mounted panels, these rack setups require puncturing your shingles and roof to install the lag bolts that hold the rack onto the roof. This could disrupt the seamless waterproofing to your roof, possibly degrading your roof quicker.

At GAF Energy we understand that peace of mind comes from having a roof that protects. Working with us means working with the best in the business for an elegant, waterproof solar roof. We designed our solar system to ensure protection and peace of mind.

Solar Panels Integrated into Roof Design

We believe roof-integrated solar shingles are the best choice for residential solar. We make it easy for GAF-certified roofers to install solar to ensure your roof’s integrity and create a beautiful look for your home. Your solar system will have a low profile that looks sleek and modern, and you’ll have a more pleasant experience working with just one company to get a new roof and solar system all at once.

Sleep better at night with a roof installed by the best roofing company in the business, backed by an industry-leading warranty. Your two-in-one purchase of a roof with solar is a smart way to upgrade your roof with energy that could pay for itself over time. Don’t wait to put your roof’s real estate to work with a new solar roof.