The GAF Energy solar system is designed to require little to no maintenance. Seasonal rains should help keep the solar panels clean of dirt and debris, but if not, homeowners can either gently rinse their panels (only when they’re cool) or opt to occasionally pay for a professional cleaning service. aside from the occasional, optional washing of the solar panels.

Our mission at GAF Energy is to make energy from every new roof possible, which means making going solar easy. Our product is easy to install by GAF-certified roofers, easy to maintain and backed by an industry-leading warranty for peace of mind.

You can’t go wrong investing in a low-maintenance, GAF Energy solar system with your new roof. Sleek, waterproof and easy to care for, our direct-to-deck system was designed and built with you and your roof in mind. The GAF Energy solar system could save you money for decades to come without any hassles.

How to care for your new solar roof

Solar panels need to be clean to make the most amount of power, so that means keeping them free of dust or other debris. Since they’re made of glass, snow usually melts off once the sun comes out, but if not you may want to brush it off with a soft-bristled extended brush.

If the panels get dusty and the rain doesn’t clean them off, you can spray them with a hose (only when they’re cool) or hire a local cleaning service. This will help you maximize your electric bill savings.

Your solar panels can generate energy anytime the sun is shining all year round. If you notice any decrease in energy production while checking your smartphone monitoring app, it might mean they just need a cleaning.