You’ll still receive a monthly statement from your utility. Depending upon the size of your solar system, your family’s energy usage, how much solar energy you generate monthly and local net metering rules, that bill could show a credit or a small amount due.

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Are solar panels worth the investment?

With a net-metering agreement, surplus energy generated by your solar system is fed back into the power grid. A surplus results when you generate more solar energy than you use within a given timeframe (i.e. your monthly billing cycle).

The value of this energy, governed by your local net metering policies, is typically treated as a credit to your bill, and can be managed in several ways. Depending on the state, the value may roll over month-to-month. In other areas, that amount may be credited quarterly or annually.
If you’re wondering if installing solar is worth it, contact us today. A GAF Energy consultant can work with you to help you understand your local utility net metering rules and regulations. Let us make going solar easy for you so you can start saving money now.