We designed the GAF Energy solar system to be compatible with our roofing products. For optimal solar power generation, your roof will need to have a certain pitch and good southern exposure to capture the most sunlight, to help you maximize your solar savings and make the most of your solar roof investment.

Working with GAF Energy means you get a team of people who will help examine, consult, design and install your solar roof. As with any new roof installation, your old roof will be removed, proprietary waterproofing barriers will be applied and your new shingles and solar panels will then be installed together. Your GAF-certified roofer will work with an electrician to make sure your system is connected and ready to go.

Your new solar roof system

Once your solar system is activated, your home will be powered by clean, renewable energy, helping to save you money on your electric bill for 25 years or longer. You can easily monitor your energy production using our smartphone app. And maintenance is simple. Just keep the panels clean to maximize your power production.

Getting your solar panels installed at the same time as your roof allows you to avoid two separate projects and to bundle the cost, time invested and warranty. If you need a new roof, this is the best time to upgrade to a roof with solar. With tax credits and other incentives available at the state and federal level, your investment may pay itself off faster and could continue to save you money for decades to come. Our consultants are ready to help you find out if a solar roof works for you. Let’s turn your roof into real estate that pays you back.