At GAF Energy we believe the best time to go solar is when replacing your roof. The GAF Energy solar system is designed to be a part of your roof, similar to a skylight. This provides you with a sleek and seamless product designed to create clean, renewable energy for decades to come. Going solar turns your roof into valuable real estate that earns savings for you.

Should I go solar now or wait?

Going solar can seem like a complicated process. From choosing the solar panels, designing the system and financing everything, it can feel overwhelming. This is why GAF Energy is committed to making solar easier for everyone.

Our solar system enables you to start producing your own energy when you get a new roof. Designed and installed by a company you can trust, we have you covered. We’ll design the system, get it activated and protect your investment with an industry-leading warranty.

Let’s work together to create energy from every new roof. Don’t wait, get in touch today to find out if solar might be right for you.