Not exactly. While your roof-integrated solar system may generate excess energy sent to the grid under net metering rules, you are compensated for this via a credit, not a cash payment. This is how your new solar roof could save you money and pay for itself over time.

You also may use these credits when you need to draw energy from the grid, such as at night or during times of year you’re generating less solar energy.

Depending on your local net metering rules, these credits may roll over monthly or get distributed quarterly or annually.

When you factor in the benefits of net metering with government incentives that help pay for solar, you could definitely end up saving money over the coming decades.

Save money by installing solar with a new roof

Solar panels can generate energy any time of year, as long as the sun is shining to help save you money. When you generate more energy than you use during the summer, you’ll receive net metering credits to use during the winter, to help keep your electric bills lower all year long.

Homeowners with solar enjoy checking their smartphone app to see how much energy they’re making on their roof.

The panels don’t have any moving parts, so the only required maintenance is keeping them clean so they can produce plenty of energy and save you money.

If you’re in need of a new roof, give us a call today to see a solar roof is right for your home. Why worry about managing two home improvement projects at the same time? Get solar with a new GAF roof.