Congratulations! You’ve decided to go solar while replacing your roof, a smart move because over time the money you save on utility bills should help offset the cost of your project.

Now you’re likely wondering: What comes next? How do my roofer and GAF Energy help make roof integrated solar a reality? 

Here’s a quick step-by-step look at what to expect.

Solar Roof Design and Permitting

The GAF Energy along with the roofer team will finalize the design of your direct-to-deck solar system by measuring your roof space and photographing the area, all to ensure the location of the solar panels allows them to capture the most possible sunlight throughout the day, generating the maximum amount of clean energy for your home. 

Our team handles all of the permitting, working directly with your local GAF-certified roofer. Once a permit is issued, we will schedule your solar roof installation.

What Happens During a Solar Roof Installation?

The materials needed for your solar roof installation will be delivered to your home. If your current roof is large, we may also need to send a separate bin for debris. With a proprietary waterproof layering system, flashing, and all of the power and electronics included, your system will be easy to install.

During the installation, your roofer will remove your existing roof and install the new roof along with your new solar energy system, which comes with perimeter guards that streamline the appearance while reducing the risk of leaks or animal infestations. 

Your roofer works with a local electrician affiliated with GAF Energy who may need access to locations inside your home, such as the attic and your main service panel, to complete the solar installation.

Roof Inspection and Solar System Activation

Once your new roof and solar system are installed, we handle everything that’s required from local agencies and your utility to get the proper permissions in place. We may ask for a couple signatures, depending on your local jurisdiction. 

Once those permits are issued and your utility grants “Permission to Operate,” we’ll send you an email or give you a call letting you know it’s time for you to turn on your new solar system. These “Permission to  Operate” calls are our project coordinator’s favorite call of the day, as a new solar home is placed into service, and together we come one step closer to realizing the vision of energy from every roof.