America’s manufacturing sector has not played a large part in the burgeoning global solar boom, with most solar manufacturing happening in China specifically and Asia in general. But there are signs of change.

Toyota, Stellantis, and GM are all betting big on American clean energy (EV) manufacturing in the U.S., as they build battery plants in several states. In September, GAF Energy joined a very short list of companies building new manufacturing capacity in the U.S. These choices cut against the grain of outsourcing manufacturing, but they make sense for these large carmakers – and for our growing solar roofing business. 

We chose to assemble our next generation solar roofs in America for three core reasons: innovation cycle speed, access to talent, and reduced costs. 

First, and most importantly, locating manufacturing here allows us to more rapidly develop and innovate our products. GAF Energy’s new 112,000-square-foot facility will be a joint research and development and manufacturing plant. By locating a combined R&D and manufacturing facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have supercharged our development and piloting capabilities, enabling faster lab-to-manufacturing cycles. 

Second, basing our facility in the U.S. also puts us close to the best talent in the world. America generally, and California specifically, is home to some of the greatest minds in the solar sector. We’ve been able to recruit a brilliant team here – and continue to do so. 

The final key benefit is reduced shipping costs and timelines. Making and selling our product in the U.S. allows us more logistics control, avoiding reliance on finished good global transit.

Solar growth is a global phenomenon with a local solution. We believe America can expand its solar manufacturing investments and output. The future is solar, and solar roofs, and we know that future can be manufactured in the USA.