Your roof is your family’s shelter from the storm, and a quality roof should be able to withstand most of Mother Nature’s wrath.

But sometimes what the weather brings is too much even for the best roofing materials. Whether you’re in tornado or hurricane country — or in California where wind and rainstorms often down drought-ravaged trees —  sometimes a roof has to be unexpectedly replaced.

Most in the roofing industry readily agree that the most durable choice is GAF, a company with a 130-plus year history of keeping homes safe and dry. Now, thanks to GAF Energy’s roof-integrated solar system, your new roof will also generate clean energy that helps offset the project’s costs.

Our team of waterproofing and roofing professionals at GAF Energy created a roof-integrated solar system to make solar a standard option for all homeowners who are shopping for a new roof. It is an elegant, easy-to-install solution that protects your home while generating electricity and helping to save you money for years to come. 

GAF Solar Roofs Designed to be Durable

A GAF Lifetime Roofing System includes accessories that combine to give you a roof that holds up to the elements thanks to features such as roof deck protection, attic ventilation, a leak barrier and ridge cap shingles that cover attic vents and non-vented ridges.

Rest assured that a GAF solar roof is a product that has been tested in lab conditions to withstand winds of up to 110 mph. That means it’s certified per building code regulations to be installed in areas with prescribed wind speed ratings of 180 mph. The wind test also includes wind-driven rain at a rate of more than 8 inches per hour — twice the rainfall of the worst rainstorm in history!

How tough are GAF shingles? Just watch this extreme shingle testing demonstration video where they’re shown to be tough enough to withstand hurricane-force-winds, more water than any rainstorm will hit them with and a continuous blast of red hot embers. GAF Advanced Protection® Shingles with GAF Dura Grip™ Adhesive are engineered to endure.

Because the GAF Energy solar system is a direct-to-deck installation, similar to a skylight, its seamless, waterproof set-up avoids leakage problems associated with conventional rack-mounted solar panels. 

Rack mounting requires puncturing your shingles and roof to install the lag bolts that hold the rack onto the roof. This sometimes disrupts the seamless waterproofing, causing leaks and potentially accelerating the degradation of your roofing materials. By comparison, DecoTech®  is installed onto a fresh roof deck along with a new comp shingle roof, which gets flashed in around the system, ensuring the building envelope is maintained.

When it comes to the solar panels, the Solaria panels used in GAF Energy solar systems have been subjected to an additional round of reliability testing per the industry-accepted standard IEC 61215, which exposes the product to a variety of stresses, including severe heat and cold cycles and cyclic humidity and freezing. 

We are so confident in our products that we warranty the roof for its lifetime and the solar for 25 years. This covers the rare instances of panel manufacturing defects and flashing. We also guarantee to facilitate any repairs or replacements for your solar components, including your inverter and power electronics.
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