We got the opportunity to sit down with Matt Housh, VP & Owner at Arry’s Roofing, who gave us the scoop on becoming a successful solar roofer. Arry’s Roofing is a successful GAF Energy solar partner whose team has installed dozens of solar roofs in the Tampa area.

Here are Matt’s top three reasons for why Roofers should consider partnering with GAF Energy to install solar:

Roofing is evolving: Keep up. Anyone who owns a building or shelter has a roof to protect it. If you think about it, the roof is a natural space for energy to be produced. Ten to fifteen years ago everyone was skeptical of solar; but that skepticism has since subsided significantly. To be a successful contractor and thrive in a competitive marketplace, you have to be able to do more than roofing. As the technology gets better and costs go down, homeowners are increasingly choosing to generate energy from their roofs and are asking for it. Installing solar roofing is the next evolution in roofing that can bring in constant new business. Going into solar now is no longer an option, it is a must.

GAF Energy makes it easy to install solar. Before working with GAF Energy, we always saw the complications that homeowner’s experienced with rack mounted solar. There are so many different contractors and when consumers have problems, contractors are pointing at each other. When GAF Energy got involved with a real solution – the entire installation done by one source – it made sense. It was easy to get the sales team on board because it was an attractive product, had newer technology, and a stronger warranty. GAF Energy is better, we trust them. It was an easy decision.

DecoTech is a conversation changer. When we are competing with other roofing contractors – you get the typical questions from the homeowner: why GAF/GAF Energy, why Master Elite, why the Golden Pledge warranty, etc. But when we start talking about solar, the conversation shifts 180 degrees. It is no longer between us versus other competitors, but rather how can I make solar work for my home.

When roofers go over the tax incentives, rebates, and amazing warranty looped in, homeowners feel like they should invest even more in their roof to ensure they are protecting their investment.