To all the managers out there, do you know if your EQ matches your IQ? Studies show that having a strong EQ is equally important to managing a happy, productive team.

Reynolds Holmes, VP Services & Product at GAF Energy, leads a team of high-performing product & program managers to launch the next generation of solar roofing and energy products. He gives 6 ways he has seen high emotional intelligence manifest as a manager:

  1. Voicing wins, happiness, and gratitude: It feels good to cheer in the office. Why just assume people know they’re appreciated when you can actually tell them?
  1. Creating space for the team to tell their manager how they’re honestly doing: No one has to share anything if they don’t want to. But if they’re struggling, they need to know that it’s safe to acknowledge it. It is a manager’s job to be there for them.
  1. Finding time to build camaraderie: It may be an outdoor activity, it may just be lunch, but getting out of the office will often create new bonds and understanding. An opportunity to express gratitude, mark time, and look ahead to the next challenges.
  1. Creating a space where everyone can be themselves: It can be lonely when you feel like you can’t be yourself. It’s critical to recognize the whole person, and encourage their voice.
  1. Being mindful of the team’s pace and calendar: If we’re in week nine of a big twelve week push, how are members of the team doing in that context? When the team is pushing hard, shifting gears, or shifting roles, managers need to be mindful of how each member of the team is adjusting.
  1. Appreciating our differences and commonalities: The truth is that, on some basic level, we are all the same. We all want to feel included, empowered, and respected for who we are.

The teams that value these things tend to be the ones people want to work on — and the ones that perform best. The good news is, we can beef up our EQ through a willingness to learn from mistakes, skill-building like active listening, and an overall commitment to greater self-awareness, as well as thoughtful awareness of others.