With winter weather upon us, GAF Energy offers advice to help homeowners prepare their roof for the cold season. Even during snowy winters, we want Timberline Solar™ roofs running efficiently and producing energy for a cozy home. Here are some tips for maintaining your solar roof.

Clean off snow if it builds up

Timberline Solar™ was designed with a textured surface to help snow glide off the energy shingles more easily than smooth glass panels. Snow should clear itself off in most circumstances, allowing the sun to reach your solar shingles and generate energy. However, if you experience a big snowstorm and the snow is taking too long to melt or slide off your roof, make sure you have a way to safely remove the snow if you want your system to continue producing electricity most effectively. If you have a safe way to access your roof, you could gently brush away big chunks of snow with a roof rake. If you can’t safely remove the snow, consider discussing with your roofer, or hiring a professional who has the right equipment to clean them off. We don’t want any injuries this holiday season. 

Look out below

When roofs warm up and snow slides off, be mindful of walkways, driveways, and areas where people spend time outside of your home. Just like any sloped roof, snow can slide off a solar roof in large chunks, which can pose a safety risk. Be mindful about how far from the areas below your eaves you park cars, build snow forts, or let your pets play. If large icicles form below your eaves, consider working with a professional for safe removal so these do not detach unexpectedly. 

Clear out the gutters 

Gutters play a very important role in keeping your home safe from water damage. If they are not cleaned regularly, they can become clogged and overflow. If water seeps into your home’s foundation, it will cause expensive damage. A rule of thumb is to clean your gutters at least twice a year. However, if it snows or rains heavily where you live, you may need to clean your gutters more often. 

Schedule a roof inspection

Before the weight of snow and additional precipitation sets in, schedule a roof inspection if you have any concerns about any parts of your roof. Roof inspectors can examine your roof, gutters, and chimney for any faults or damages. They can also remove excess snow and ice, if your roof needs it. Your local roofer can help you find the right professional, or even conduct a roof inspection directly in some cases. If you  notice potential problem areas, schedule a roof inspection right away because preventative maintenance is often less costly than more serious issues down the road.

Enjoy the benefits of your energy-producing, leak-resistant solar roof

Timberline Solar™ was designed to be a roof, with power added. As your electric heater kicks on or your microwave warms up your hot cocoa during the day, you can be assured that your roof is generating power for your home. And unlike most traditional rack-mounted solar panels, Timberline Solar does not require holes to be drilled into your roof deck. This means fewer opportunities for leaks, keeping you and your loved ones dry and warm this winter, no matter how cold, wet, and snowy it may be outside. 

From GAF Energy, we hope you enjoy this winter season and have a happy new year!