This month marks five years since GAF Energy was formed. In those five years, the company has accomplished many extraordinary achievements:

2019: The company began in a small coworking space with no lab and the high-level mission from our parent company, Standard Industries, to change residential roofing with a whole new energy-generating solution — and make solar appealing to roofers.

2020: We continued selling our first-generation solar roof product—DecoTech, an integrated rooftop solar solution that installed like a skylight—while conducting design sprints, testing, and innovating toward our next-generation solar roof product.

2021: Our combined R&D and manufacturing facility opened in San Jose, California where the collocation allowed the GAF Energy team to complete design cycles more quickly than the solar industry had seen.

2022: We launched Timberline Solar™, the world’s first nailable solar shingle, winning more than 30 innovation and design awards for the product.

2023: Our second manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Texas completed construction, increasing the production capacity of Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingles by 500%, which will make GAF Energy the world’s largest solar roof producer.

These achievements could not have happened without everyone at GAF Energy. Because of the team’s hard work and dedication over the past five years, we’re closer to our vision of energy from every roof. As we continue innovating in the space of solar roofing, we can’t wait to show the world what’s ahead. Happy five-year anniversary, GAF Energy!