Lessons from GAF Energy maker, Ramon C.

“If you just give me a chance to learn something, I’ll prove that I can do anything,” said Ramon C., GAF Energy R&D Technician. “Tell me what the problem is, how to fix it, and I’ll be there.” This has been Ramon’s attitude since he started out in the solar industry with little experience, but the will to learn. 

Ramon may not have had much experience, but he did have passion and curiosity. When we sat down to interview Ramon about his story as a “GAF Energy Maker,” he said he is forever grateful to have his team’s trust in the lab—he learns more everyday, and he loves exploring the world of solar energy generation. 

Ramon described enjoying getting his hands dirty; he thrives when working with hands-on projects: “when you work hands-on, you will understand more about what you’re making.” Ramon said. Crafting things with his hands motivates Ramon to work through challenges and find various solutions. One of his favorite parts of his job is trimming electronic components for Timberline Solar™, because he’s able to work so closely with the project and get his hands dirty. 

Timberline Solar™ was launched by GAF Energy in 2022 as the first true solar roof on the market. It incorporates the world’s first nailable solar shingle, which installs just like traditional roofing shingles. With Ramon’s help on the R&D team, Timberline Solar™ is assembled right here in the United States. The product has been recognized with more than 30 awards, and it is installed on rooftops across America, powering and protecting homes—and bringing us closer to our vision of energy from every roof. 

Ramon admits there can be challenges as an R&D Technician, but he enjoys finding the solutions. “You just gotta do what you gotta do,” he quipped. And Ramon is up for those challenges in the GAF Energy lab. His can-do spirit shone through as he expressed, “anything you want, I’ll be there.”

Even before GAF Energy, Ramon has always been a maker. Growing up in the Philippines, Ramon remembers making toys and tokens out of anything he could find. For example, he recalls collecting things like pieces of paper, rubber, and plastic to make little boats to sail down the creek. One boat he made was fashioned out of a sandal and a bottle—nothing got in his way when searching for resources. That same attitude shows up when he works in the lab at GAF Energy. “When it comes to building things, as long as I have a tool, I can make anything,” Ramon said.

Something that is very important to Ramon is the quality he can ensure with the things he makes. “Quality is the biggest part for me,” Ramon said. “I strive to make things that last long and are beautiful. It’s best to make something that you’re proud of.” What he loves most about his work with solar shingles is that he is sure the product will last. He is always proud of the superior quality and beauty of a finished Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingle. 

Ramon’s advice to other makers is to be passionate about what they do. He says to have fun and be proud of your work, for if you don’t enjoy it, why would others? 

This story is part of our series on the “GAF Energy Makers.” Watch Ramon’s full video below, and stay tuned for more lessons and anecdotes from some of the team members responsible for inventing, assembling, and innovating Timberline Solar™ right here in the United States.