When GAF Energy customer Ann from Texas was in eighth grade, she wrote a report about the potential of solar energy generation on individual homes, not just on solar farms in wide open fields. However, she recalls being given a low grade on the paper because her science teacher said that would never happen. We’ve got news for Ann’s eighth grade teacher: it’s happening! 

Decades later, Ann is now generating solar energy on her own house in Texas. As a GAF Energy customer, Ann worked with local roofers RRSA (Roofing and Restoration Services of America) to have the first true solar roof installed on her home: Timberline Solar™.

“We knew we wanted solar, but we were waiting until we had an issue with our roof so we could replace the whole thing,” said Ann. “We had looked at Tesla, but it was going to take a long time to be installed. So we talked to our rep at RRSA, and he told us about this new thing they had, Timberline Solar shingles.”

From there, the decision was easy. Ann described being pleasantly surprised by how smooth the process was. “We figured it was going to take longer than it did, but they were right on top of it,” she said. “We were very impressed with everybody that was here for the installation.”

Once a Timberline Solar™ roof is operating, GAF Energy connects homeowners with our project portal, where they can view data about their solar roof. “As soon as the system was connected, I was checking our production every day on our account,” recalled Ann. “The neighbors keep asking ‘are you saving money on your electric bill?’ and I’m able to show them that we are. It feels good.”

Beyond financial savings and seamless installation, Ann appreciates the look of Timberline Solar™, as well as its durability and roof integration. “I like the aesthetics of Timberline Solar™ much better than a rack-mounted panel,” she told us. “And my husband has done construction and roofing, so we understand the potential for roof damage with bolt-on solar panels.”

Timberline Solar™ is a smart decision, according to Ann. Its compact form factor, compared to large bulky solar panels, makes servicing much easier. “We liked the fact that if there’s a section that malfunctions, we don’t have to replace everything—just the shingle that’s affected,” she said. And since it’s an American-made product with a trustworthy warranty, Ann can feel good about her investment. “We appreciate the warranty from GAF Energy, and that it’s made in the U.S. If I have a choice, I try to buy American products,” she said. 

All things considered, Timberline Solar™ was the best choice for Ann and her home: “It was just great value for our money. I looked at the cost of Tesla, and it was quadruple what we ended up paying for Timberline Solar™. Those are all the types of things that played into our decision.”

“Our RRSA rep is always in the neighborhood, and I told him ‘I will always come to you first,’” recalls Ann. She describes her customer service experience as a positive one. “Everybody was so nice. The electricians, their assistants—there were even people from research and development who drove up just to watch the installation.” 

At GAF Energy, we’re proud of Timberline Solar™ and the benefits it brings to our customers. It’s a product we truly believe in, despite the doubts of some eighth grade teachers in the past.

Ann doesn’t seem resentful for getting a low grade, however. “I just wish I knew where that science teacher was so I could show him I’m actually doing it on my own home!” If Ann’s teacher is reading this, we’d love to give you a tour of our solar shingle factory and show you how we’re making the roof of the future.