Martin DeBono, CEO of GAF Energy, sat down with George Avalos of The San Jose Mercury News to discuss GAF Energy’s newest venture of opening a solar manufacturing facility in the Bay Area. The San Jose factory will combine manufacturing, research, and administrative functions all in one building. GAF Energy is able to utilize the resources and expertise of its parent company, Standard Industries–the largest roofing company in the world–to drive energy from every roof. The goal is to scale a next-generation, cutting-edge solar roof product.

The opening of this facility heralds hiring growth; the number of employees is expected to double in the near term. The company’s current product is manufactured in South Korea — the opening of the San Jose factory signals a return of solar manufacturing to the US.

DeBono commented in the article: “We are trying to create a culture where we are all in this together at the company. It’s better to have it all under one roof rather than have your manufacturing oceans away.”

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