Yahoo! Finance profiles GAF’s launch of new Solaria® high efficiency solar panels for use with the GAF solar integrated roof product. Suvi Sharma, CEO at Solaria® Corporation notes, “We are pleased to offer that technology to power GAF Energy’s roof-integrated solar offering. This partnership brings two leaders together from the solar and roofing industry to transform passive roofs to solar roofs.”

The new premium panels are best in class for efficiency, offering 16% more power, allowing for greater solar capacity and increase in long term value of a GAF Energy solar roof to homeowners.

Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy noted, “Solaria® panels are an exciting upgrade to our roof-integrated solar offering. These are top-of-the-line solar panels that are not only more powerful, but are sleek, black-on-black to improve the aesthetics of an already beautiful design.”

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