Manufacturing at a clean energy company means remaining highly conscious of our factory’s environmental impact. GAF Energy’s goal is to ensure that while we deploy clean energy products, we’re not limiting their benefit to the climate with harmful manufacturing practices. As manufacturers of the first true solar roof, we aim to cleanly make clean energy by producing effective products, streamlining processes, and building a sustained workforce.

GAF Energy’s mission is to turbocharge clean energy adoption. Our latest solar roofing product, Timberline Solar™ powers homes with clean electricity every day, every hour the sun is shining. The system is also fully compatible with certain battery storage systems, for complete energy security and the ability to run a home on solar energy at any time of day or night. 

But it’s not just our products that are good for the environment; our methods are, too. By constantly evaluating our waste streams, we’re working toward the goal of a zero-waste factory.

In our offices, this means centralizing trash cans to form habits that incrementally reduce employee desk waste, adding more filtered water dispensers and providing branded water bottles to limit single-use plastic, and expanding refrigerator space to encourage employees to save their lunch leftovers instead of tossing them. On our factory floor, we’re starting by using the proper materials, reusing and recycling wherever possible, and striving to achieve facility environmental certification. 

To drive downstream benefits, we also need a satisfied workforce. We’ve been actively producing Timberline Solar™ with operators on the factory floor for almost a whole year, and in that time, we’ve had zero turnover of the GAF Energy employee operators. 

In San Jose, California, where we opened our first combined R&D and manufacturing facility, we’re ensuring our products are manufactured in a responsible way. In Georgetown, Texas, where we’re constructing our next manufacturing facility, we plan to continue those responsible production practices. By streamlining processes and creating a work environment that encourages lasting impact, our team can achieve true sustainability at our factories. 

At GAF Energy, we believe there’s no change too small because every action adds up. As we convert regular rooftops into clean-energy machines, our mindful actions will add up to a complete transformation of the roofing and solar industries—and, ultimately, energy from every roof.